New Pool Tables

All tables come complete with accessories. Coin operated tables add £195.00

Cloth to customers choice: redbluegreenburgundy-black-paprikapink

Installation and set-up facility available. FREE DELIVERY ON ALL THE POOL TABLES SHOWN!!

Winner 7ft in black ash

This is the Winner 7ft in black ash. a proven favorite and rightly so as it can be sited in just about any location.With a choice of colours in cloth. Other sizes  8ft


PRICE for the 6ft and 7ft models are £995 and £1145

Winner walnut

Do they get any better than this! The Winner in beautiful walnut.


Available in 6ft and 7ft Price from £895

Winner Mahogany

This “WINNER” is made in the traditional mahogany finish and consequently goes with any decor.As always these models look and play in true professional style


Price from £795

The traditional “PRINCE” pool table

The traditional “PRINCE” pool table

The flagship of the range of pool tables and a true legend. It is made in Oak,Mahogany and Beech finish and looks brilliant in all three.Free play and coin operated option.As always it comes in choice of cloth colours

Price for the 6ft and 7ft free play models are £845 and £895 respectively.

Prince in beech

This is the “Prince” in beech and actually looks

stunning in the flesh!


Price £845 (6ft) and £895 (7ft)

the “Slimline” model Oak

This is the “Slimline” model.Plays just like the Winner and Prince but has that advantage of being able to use it as a dining table!, just put a cover over it!!

This model is in Oak (also in Beech)

Sizes 6ft and 7ft

Price £795  for the 6ft and £845 for the 7ft


This is a fold-away model for those requiring space. Make no mistake this table is of the highest quality and uses the same cushions as the slate bed models. Cloth choice of green or blue.
Price of the 6ft  is £575 and £625 for the 7ft
Black trim, blue cloth, beech trim green cloth