We stock a large range of Pool Table accessories;

Spots and Stripes

Spots and Stripes as shown are £25 and £48 for the Aramith balls

Complement your table with a change of balls so that you can play different games such as American style pool.

Blues and yellows

Blues and yellows £25 per set

These are the balls you can use if you have your table covered in red cloth, making the table look so much different and quite a novelty!

Refurbished Pool Table trolleys

Take advantage of this offer and get a refurbished pool table trolley for  £95-00 which is almost half price!

These bad boys take all the strain and puffing out of moving your very heavy pool table and as soon as you use them you will realise that it is worth its weight in gold!!

They dont often come available so get it now!

Price £95

Pool Ball Clocks

Perfect for the games room wall!!clock

Price £38

The triangle model uses full size balls and solid wood triangle

Competition grade pool balls

Price £25

These ar the balls sometimes used when you have your table recovered in red cloth.

Makes the table look even better and gives it a striking appearance.

Treat yourself!

Competition balls

We supply competition balls at £25-00

These spots and stripes are fast becoming a feature of the pool playing fanatics, going back to when pooltables first bacame popular.

These were the standard supply balls when you bought a new table back in the “OLD DAYS”!!

Pool chalk

Green £2-50 a box (12)green chalk

Red     £2-50 a box (12)pool chalk red

Blue    £2-00 a box (12)pioneer chalk