Refurbished Jukeboxes

Refurbished jukeboxes carry a 3 months guarantee.
Delivery at cost to your door. PHONE 07762811547

Refurbished CD Jukeboxes ..

  • Manhattan / Gazelle .. £3000
  • Americana .. mk 1 £2450 and £2750
  • Superstars £625 (requires external speakers)
  • Route 66.. £1250 ( New speakers provided at £75 a pair)
  • Starlite upright jukebox from £1850

Refurbished Vinyl Jukeboxes ..

  • NSM City 11 .. From £1450 to £1850
  • Prestige ES160 .. £1650
  • Galaxy 200 .. £2450
  • Consul Classic .. £595 (Includes two external speakers valued at £75 a pair)

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The Sound Leisure “Americana” jukebox

Probably the best selling model of the Sound Leisure range ,and justifiably so.

The biggest model physically and arguably the best sounding with two base speakers, two tweeters all internally housed to give an outstanding volume quality.

Looks every bit a true legend.

Comes in two models, one with small cd labels and the other as in the picture with the cd picture facility, internal mechanisms vary.

Plays 60 or 80 cds depending on 21st Century mechanism.

Price from £1850

The NSM Performer Grand

This is the famous Performer Grand jukebox that looks and plays to perfection!Programmable between free-play,random and pay per play.

A true Legend and a great investment!
PRICE £1450-00

Free delivery throughout UK!!

The “Mardi Gras” 21st Century model

Look at this unusual wall-mounted 60 cd jukebox. Quite a compact model full of all the features expected of this manufacturer, british as well!! Arguably the forerunners in jukebox design and technology.
Comes complete and remote volume control
Can be operated on free-play or pay per play,and what a price!!
Price £625

The “Superstars” 2160 wall mounted jukebox

Great  jukebox for the money and has that magical visual mechanism that makes all the difference.

Such an easy jukebox to maintain which makes it a joy to own.

Comes with remote volume control

Price  £625 (Including two speakers valued at £75)

The Sound Leisure “Royale”

This is the “Royale”cd jukebox. It has the famous bubble feature too, as well as the visible mechanism that makes it a real attraction! As with all Sound Leisure jukeboxes it has an array of features built in, random play, freeplay, pay to play.

Holds 70 cds and comes with a set of blank labels

Speakers are built in to this jukebox so no need to use separate ones, and once again the sound is brilliant.

Price from £850

Complete with guarantee

The Sound Leisure “ROUTE 66”

What a brilliant looking jukebox this is and a favorite with people who like a bright visual model.

Plays 70 cds and has a flip-page labels system.

Has all the usual features ie. random play, free play and sounds great!

Please note that this jukebox needs external speakers which are provided with the jukebox.

Price  from £950

All jukeboxes guaranteed!

The great Sound Leisure ” Legends”

Another great model from the Sound Leisure range that looks and sounds amazing!

Just to have this in your home would be fantastic , taking you back to the 60s and 70s as soon as you turn it on!

Remember that these models have external speakers, so I am providing a pair of brand new ones included in the price!

All this and a guarantee as well!!

Price £975

The Sound Leisure “Consul Classic” jukebox

This could be probably the best starter jukebox you could find as it has everything you want, with the quality equal to jukeboxes three times the price.

With two speakers (Valued at £75 a pair)

(when available)

Yours for  £595………………….. yes £595

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