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The Nostalgia “iPOD” Jukebox.

This is the “ipod” Nostalgia jukebox that has to be the best looking jukebox around. Just put your ipod into the slot and listen to your choice of music from this stunning model with unequalled sound quality.

Also plays cds!!

Free infra-red remote control  with this model!

Price £6195

Free delivery in the UK!!

Manhattan Jukebox

Manhattan Jukebox

Top of the range jukebox elegantly styled for today’s discerning buyer. Probably the best jukebox shape ever made and has now become the jukebox that everyone wants to end up with, well now you can!

This model can be programmed to play at random as well as the normal coin mechanism.

Sound quality is second to none and can be easily changed to suit every environment.

Free delivery in the UK

Price: £6195

Phone for availability

This jukebox comes with a full 12 month guarantee.

Gazelle Jukebox

All the features of the Manhattan but with a small change in design, its your choice!

Price: £6195

Free delivery!

Phone for availability

This jukebox comes with a full 12 month guarantee.

“Starlight” Jukebox

This is a fantastic looking jukebox that has the special twinkling light feature.
Perfect for the modern games room
with that supreme sound quality.

“Superstars” 2160 cd Wall-mounted model

This is a wall-mounted jukebox used when space is limited. It has the same sound quality as its counterparts and comes supplied with two speakers with brackets. Plays 60 cds.

This model is now only available as a  refurbished model at the amazing price stated

Price: £625

This jukebox comes with a 3 months guarantee.

Americana MK1 & 2

This is an absolute beauty and fast becoming more sort after than the famous “Route 66” and when you see this in the flesh you can understand why.
Housed in a brilliantly styled cabinet it has two base speakers and two tweeters. Cannot be beaten for sound quality.

Refurbished Mk I models from £2450

Refurbished Mk2 Models from £2650

Delivered throughout the UK

Phone for availability

This jukebox comes with a 6  months  guarantee.

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